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  • What types of events do you specialize in?
    We specialize in corporate and social events. Some typical social events we do are birthday parties, club events, holiday parties. We can perform for any type of occasion. We have the music, the equipment, and most importantly, the experience to perform for any type of event and any type of crowd.
  • Do you bring your own sound and/or DJ setup?
    Yes! We are a full service DJ company which means we bring all the necessary equipment to you. This includes a state of the art sound system, DJ booth, mixing gear and microphone.
  • What type of music do you play?
    We specialize in the "open" format of DJing, which simply means we can play pretty much any genre of music. What type of music we play at each event depends on the type of event, the crowd, and most importantly, what type of music you want us to play! Whether it be Top 40’s, Hip Hop, R&B, 80’s, House and Alternative music, or anything in between, we have you covered!
  • Can we choose the music we want played? Do you take requests?
    Yes. We are extremely flexible when it comes to music selection for each event. We have a detailed form that is filled out by each client that includes all your recommendations and requests. We are also always open to requests from your guests.
  • Do you require a deposit?
    We require a 50% deposit in order to hold the date for your event.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in the heart of Denver, and we can travel to any event within 20 miles.
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